Silver Ribbon

Our Story

Silver Ribbon was established in 1974 in a tiny retail space on Main Street in Westport, CT. The store started out as a gift shop, selling various accessories, including jewelry, but as owner Lida Ghiorzi, a Brooklyn, NY native, soon realized, “People were really digging the jewelry I was carrying and I started getting daily requests for more pieces.” So, in an effort to supply the demand and, “keep things fresh, fun and fabulous,” Lida turned her attention solely to jewelry. Thus, the affordable jewelry gallery specializing in American designers that so many Wesport natives have come to know and love, came to life.

Today, almost forty years and three relocations later, Silver Ribbon still thrives on bringing new, fresh American designer jewelry to their Westport customers. “You can get a silver heart necklace anywhere, “Lida says, “but the reason people come to Silver Ribbon is because they know our silver heart necklaces will have a little twist and be a bit more interesting than the rest of what’s out there - and for a great price!”

Of course, silver hearts are just the start of what jewelry Silver Ribbon has to offer. At the store’s newest location, 1240 Post Rd. East in Westport, new pieces come in weekly and Lida and her staff are always on the lookout for new designers. “We’re really looking forward to the years to come,” Lida says. “I’ve had customers come in and say to me, ‘You know, I bought a ring from you for my first girlfriend when I was 14, then I bought an engagement ring from you several years later…now I’m here to buy my wife an anniversary gift!’ I love hearing stories like that,” Lida gushes, “I love this town and I’m so grateful for all of our customers’ support throughout the years.”

From all of us at Silver Ribbon, here’s to another forty years of fabulous jewelry!