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Sarah Healy Design

Sarah Healy Design is an art based jewelry brand that is heavily influenced by it’s surroundings...New York City. Especially the earlier eras that lead to the movements in the arts and music, that made New York City a pivotal place for creative people. This atmosphere provided the backdrop and inspiration for the artists, musicians and designers that created the ideas and works, which drew Sarah to New York City. Sarah Healy seeks to channel this spirit and energy in the jewelry she creates. In celebration of the individual and cultural diversity, Sarah seeks to create pieces that delight and inspire the future generations, regardless of where they live.

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  • Sterling Silver/Gold Vermeil Moroccan Stud Earrings

      Sterling Silver/Gold Vermeil Moroccan Stud Earrings


      SHDE81-GV Sterling Silver or Gold Vermeil Moroccan Stud Earrings

      These adorable tiny decorative hoop earrings, hug the earlobe perfectly and are made with a post back. Moroccan inspired hoops are made of solid metal.

      Measurements: 1/2" wide x 3/4" long


      Metal: Gold Vermeil or Sterling Silver