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JILZARA™ is a premium jewelry line specializing in handmade polymer clay beads. Jill Manzara, the founder of JILZARA™, is a pioneer who brought clay beaded jewelry to market over a decade ago. With years of experience behind her, she has now created a premium jewelry line showcasing a new standard of design and quality.

JILZARA™ products start with unique, original artwork created by Jill Manzara, and daughter, Shayla Manzara. These exclusive designs are then brought to life by skilled artisans using a technique called “caning." Once the beads are hand-rolled from the original cane, they’re baked in low-temperature ovens, cooled, buffed, cleaned, and finally, made into the JILZARA™ pieces you love.

The material used to make JILZARA™ products is polymer clay – a synthetic clay with a resin base. It’s extremely durable and showcases the vibrancy of our colors beautifully. Our designs are never painted on – the pattern on each original piece is layered all the way through the clay and will never wear off. All JILZARA™ products are made from only the highest quality clay available, premium metal parts and exclusive JILZARA™ designs.

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