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Bastian Inverun

Bastian Inverun – this is high-quality designer jewellery from select materials. Our jewellery is to emphasise the personality of every woman and rebel against the arbitrary and short-lived whims of the present times. bastian inverun jewellery is made exclusively from silver and fulfils the highest standards for materials and processing.

The company "bastian" from the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen in Northern Germany is similarly diversified and dynamic like it's sterlingsilver jewellery, which is manufactured and etablished under the brand name bastian inverun.

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  • Seductive Sparkling Diamonds Sterling Silver Ring

      Seductive Sparkling Diamonds Sterling Silver Ring


      Ring | Sterling silver

      Seductive sparkling diamonds

      Style No. 10858

      Real sterling silver has this inimitable lustre and fascinating colour full of feminine, sensual and youthful charisma. The moon goddess Luna epitomises femininity and stands for clarity and purity. It comes as no surprise then that the symbol for silver is the crescent moon, which is embossed on all international premium brands of sterling silver in its original and natural colour.


      Width ring bar: 5 mm / 0,2 inch

      ·      form: narrow

      ·      jewelry style: rings

      ·      material: diamond-coated

      ·      occasion: leisure, special occasions

      ·      color: white

      Price $148